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The Velocity of Dreams

What a month, August was. A lot of work, community, joy in this Jacksonville fellowship. A lot of creativity came to the table that night from around the city. We wrapped episode 3 of Tonight! on a Thursday evening, August 27th. Within 19 hours I was swimming the six miles up the St. Johns from Jacksonville University to the Fuller Warren with a great team of open water athletes. It was our 5th annual Up the River Downtown. Like Tonight! people came from around the city. We had a grand time on the river and sang her praises. It is “Year of the River”. Way to celebrate. Exhausted, still, Sunday morning I HAD to head to the ocean to swim the storms. Erika was in a mood. It was like flying.

Then home that afternoon. Collapse. Bam. The August squall came to an abrupt halt. Energy depleted, immune system teetering on the edge, like a flue just hanging out there. Had to rest. Brain cycles slow down. Space to grieve. In the organized chaos my best friend of 17 years passed away, Taz. Out of habit I say his name when I walk in the door. Reach for him by my pillow. Missing him dearly. Feel the sting of loss when I find a bit of fur under a cushion. A couple days ago I adopted a two year old cat that was left and abandon from a previous renter. She’d been in a cage at the shelter for a couple months. She’s next to me right now. Her new name is Selkie. The name is from mermaid lore. I figure as mermaid and merman we can relate. Both of us with a little more room to explore in September.

In September was Barbara Colaciello’s and Matt Williams' “It Came to Pass on the Banks of this River”. It’s a great script, Babs is a master. It's a living gift to the St. Johns. We had a great time and performed at the Jacksonville Historic Society. The church is a great a venue and both shows sold out.

Then there is “To the Sea” coming in October, which is a dream (that I never had) come true. What I mean is that it never occurred to me that a play like this would ever be written. There are no words to describe how I feel when I hear it read. Kelby Siddons wrote it. She’s amazed me. She is a diamond sparkling in this city.

Speaking of dreams, that is the subject of the next episode of Tonight!. It may be a while before we shoot it so I have the luxury of time to write and dream a bit along with two other artists that I love dearly that will be creating this episode with me. That would be Barabara Colaciello, who has been an inspiration on this road, and her improv classes, well, thats where the chops come from. Then there is Michael Glinski, Jacksonville's "dreamcatcher", who designed our set and look. I’m stoked, and blessed to live in Jacksonville.

So dreams. Dreams come in two amazing flavors. Asleep: The visions and sensations we have when we sleep or are in a trance, like a daydream.

Awake: When we envisage the possibilities. When we ponder and imagine the future.

The title of Tonight! episode four is “The Velocity of Dreams”. You could also say it like “The VeloCity of Dreams”, depending on the flavor. We’ll be talking about community dreams, the dreams of our city. What dreams HAVE come true? What dreams have yet to be imagined? The dreams of a community. It takes a dreamcatcher to do that and just wait till you meet him!

Then there are the personal dreams. In the last few episodes we asked the community very personal things. What are you made of? What do you love and why? We learned so much and passed it forward. As we open our hearts together we become closer, better connected across our imaginary boundaries.

So I want to know what you dream of in both flavors, asleep and awake. Fill in the blank and share your spirit.

“I dream of _________ _________________”.

"I dream that ________________________".

The best way to do it is not to judge it on its way from your brain to the pen. Just put it out there. Judge it later but leave it! It will be great.

Here’s mine. Straight out. What's good for the goose... (Remember George?)

For the city I dream of ... a day that there will be a shoreline along the river in Jacksonville.

[I know that dream will come true, if not now, 100 years from now, when she takes back what is hers.]

I dream that ... there is a poet on every Jacksonville corner, singing or speaking their lyric through their voice, their brush or instrument.

[I could hold that sentiment back as it travels from my brain to the pen and proclaim it too idealistic. But then it would never make it here and I want it to be here.]

I dream of ... flying. The flights are just above the water. Not up high in the sky. Close enough to make wind ripples. It is exhilarating. Disappointed when I wake up. It sticks with me for hours into the day then back to the arms of the earth. Which is the topic of the next blog entry.

Dream Tonight! Share yours with me at .


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By Fran Ruchalski
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