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Credits Episode One:

Thoughts Full Monty

Directed by Samuel David Farmer and Tamika Lee.

Set Design by Michael Glinski

Emcee and cohost Julie Watkins

The Tonight! Band is Spice and the PoBoys with Brittany Wescott and Mike Bernos

Theme song “Famous” by Jaimz Mallete

Plug It! Hosted by Christina A. Boykin

Written by Jim Alabiso


Make up by Renee Parenteau Makeup & Hair

Hair by Pat Cole of THE, The Hair Experience

Coaching by Barbara Colaciello


Musical Guest Jennifer Chase with Holly Decardenas


Guest appearance by Reverend Kerry Speckman

Guest appearances by Barbara Colaciello and Improv to the Rescue

Guest appearance by Marie Bailey and the yoga community for “There’s No Place Like Om”

Guest appearances by David Gile and Michelle Brigitte for “Thought Bubbles”

Ritz Blitz hosted by Octavius Davis


Photography by Fran Ruchalski and Chad Hendricks

Montage by Chad Hendricks, Sozo Jaxon, Sam Farmer, Dee Dillinger and Tamika Lee

Montage scored by Jaimz Mallete and shot on location at

St. Johns River, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, The Hair Experience and the Ritz Theatre


Special thanks to our guests Yogi Amrit Desai, Melissa Ross, Judi Herring and Robert Arleigh White.


Special thanks to Jennie Rudikoff 


Executive Producer Kathryn McAvoy  

Produced by

Kathryn McAvoy, Sozo Jaxon, Chad Lancaster Hendricks, Keith Ainley, Dee Dillinger, Jim Alabiso


Guest Producer Richard Borders


Special Thanks to Black Sheep Restaurant, Allan DeVault, and Amber Roberts

Tonight! and First Coast Connect mugs by Holmes Stamp and Sign. Thanks Dave McDonald!


Tonight! is a production of Mee Mee TV Jax and LEAP Collaborative

Shot on location at the Ritz Theatre, Jacksonville, Florida

Special thanks to Liz McDonald, Octavius Davis, the Ritz Staff, SMG, Ray Hays and PRC Digital Media



and Mom


Broadcasting Local Worldwide

By Fran Ruchalski
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