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The Reviews


“Hey! My dad's on TV!”
 -James Alabiso
(Jim's fave)


“Of COURSE his hair looked fabulous: Pat Cole did it!”
 -Kerry Speckman

“Well done lovey! You are a super star! So handsome, vulnerable, free!”
-Rainni Lacy

“You exposed your real self and they cheered you on, hanging on every word. The connection was palpable and joyous to behold... I salute you Jim Alabiso for your courage and honesty in presenting "Tonight! With Jim Alabiso". So many cool guests. Smokin' Band. And the audience was with you every step of the way. You spread your arms to people and they respond whole heartedly. Thank you.”
-Michael D Glinski


“Great Opening Show! Enjoyed by all! Surely Great Success will continue to follow! Tonight with Jim Alabiso! Thought Provoking, Enlightening, and Entertaining!”
-Paula Mauterer Hinson


“Pat on the back for all I heard you and the show were great. You're awesome.”
-Jim Smith


“I’m not gonna let the “Cat out of the Speedo” and reveal details about what I experienced last night on your show, Jim. I could say, “Jim, your hair looked fabulous” and that would be true, I could say that I was honored to be included in such a talent hefty line-up including your crew. That would also be true. What was truer though is this: You opened up a Pandora’s Box of people who are comfortable in their own skin, doing what they were born to do, and helping people connect in the process. Each one of your guests has that, and like a carefully crafted Humanities class, you emphasized the common denominators and each unique cultural, professional, artistic, or educational language of choice. It would have been easy for you to frivolously simply spew superlatives around your guests- a huge mutual admiration society. I admire each and every one. But you accomplished so much more than that with your actual interest, knowledge, humor and real substance, and by allowing each his/her opportunity to share that. I’m amazed at how you seamlessly brought these ideas to the surface. I want to shout out to Mike Bernos and his band Spice and the Po Boys, whose performance, demeanor, and talent are second to none. I would LOVE to write to each guest my profound new insight on his/her craft, but to say more would let the "Cat out of the Speedo". You might edit me if I do that. So I won’t.Thank you for including Holly Decardenas and me in your first of what I'm certain will be many successful shows.”
 -Jennifer Chase


“Jim, you did just great, i think you are a natural host! Totally enjoyed the evening, and all your wonderful, interesting guests! And the Music! Wow! Thank you, look forward to seeing more!”
-Michelle O'Rourke


“What a great time last night. Looking forward to more in the future. To all of you who couldn't make it last night, stay tuned for future taping dates you won't want to miss!”
-David Gile


“Last night at Tonight! with Jim Alabiso. What a fun time... Terrifc show, host and great guests. Melissa Ross and her charm, Robert Arleigh White and his wit and Judy Haring revealing study.”
-Walter Fitzwater


“I can't wait for the next one.”
-Lesley Davidson


“It was great seeing you on stage and in the making of a great show~ Neat experience- can't wait to see it on MeeMeeTV! Congrats~”
-Tawana Brown Wagner


“Christina A. Boykin, I loved seeing your glammy self! You and Sparklemaster Kerry Speckman added yet another dimesion of va va voom to "Tonight! with Jim Alabiso". I am still smiling about all the cool peeps who pulled together to make that show happen! Bravo!”
-Tracey Cjmtj


“It was wonderful. A spectacular effort from all involved. Gonna be a great show!”
-Marie Bailey


“Wow, Jim Alabiso that was a fun night! And the "Smokin' Band" was Spice and the Po Boys! Go Mike Bernos! Woot! Woot!... That was great fun last night! Woo Hoo! As predicted, Jennifer Chase, you were bad ass! Your songs were superlative! And, thanks to everyone who contributed to the show, whether on stage or behind the scenes!”
-Tracey Cjmtj


“You are amazing! I'm so happy to have met you and to have received your invite to be a part of the really cool things you're doing for Jacksonville!”
-Christina A. Boykin


“So much fun to be a part of the launch of Jim's new Mee Mee TV show. First guest, the world famous yogi Amrit Desai! One of four great interviews Tonight along with more fun and fabulous performances. Mike Bernos's new song about Soul Love sung by the incredible Spice is gorgeous! A must watch as soon as it airs!”
-Joni Roberts


“The Tonight Show with Jim Alabiso was way more fun than I anticipated. The Audience was pretty fascinating. Barbara Colaciello, Ellen Easter Powell, Jim Love, Jennifer Chase, Hila Head, Alex Coley, Michelle Tappouni, and so many others. It was actually wonderful to see Chad Lancaster Hendricks working a camera again!”
-Stephen Dare


“You were fantastic, Jim! As were the guests and musicians.”
-DLynn Phelps

“Congratulations Jim! Great start for Tonight! with Jim Alabiso!”
-Michelle Tappouni

“Sitting in the Historic Ritz Theater thinking about if these walls could talk think about the legends that took this stage who filled this hall with music of the ages wow! Now a new legend start with Jacksonville's only late night talk show Tonight with Jim Alabiso so many great things going on in the river city.”
-Nick Thompson

Broadcasting Local Worldwide

By Fran Ruchalski
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