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The Face of Us

Its the last day of June and we're two weeks out from the next show. Today I worked with assistant director and cohost Christina Boykin on a piece we'll be performing together. She is a joy to work with. My knees they go a prayin'.

Here's the latest on the show and how to get tickets...

Episode 2 - Wednesday, July 15th, Live to Tape at WJCT Studio A

Be a part of the studio audience. Tickets are free and can be reserved on Eventbrite here.

Another way you can be part of the show is by getting out your camera and "Strike the Pose". Members of the community "Strike the Pose" for episode 2. If you'd like to be part of the show send us a photo of you striking the pose pose. Elvis, Freddy Mercury, whatever persona fits your fantasy self. We ask that the photo be full body and backlit so to create an outline. The light or the sun should be behind the subject, overexposed and lens flare is encouraged! See some examples here. We’ll take care of making them black and white and formatting them for the show. We’ll need the name of the subject and the photographer. Photos from your phone camera are fine.

Send to

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By Fran Ruchalski
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