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Why Jai?

Some of our friends have been asking what it means when I say “Jai Jacksonville”. My “Jai” habit started while hanging out with yoga peeps here in Jacksonville and down at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, about 85 miles south of town. This is where Amrit Desai lives and teaches, our first guest on our first episode. Like the word “Namaste”, those stumbling along the path to enlightenment use it as a greeting or a farewell. Similarly the phrase “Jai Gurudev” is used which means “victory to the greatness within you”. In Hindi “Jai” means “long live” or in Indian, “victory”.

So take it as you like, “victory to” or “long live”, we are celebrating the greatness of our city, through our arts and in our hearts.

Jai Jacksonville,


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By Fran Ruchalski
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