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Florence Haridan June 30, 2015


Life is full of kismet. Jim is creating a show about the faces we show... 





As I struck this pose, a few things were running through my mind...what will this pose say about me? What do I think about me???


This shot was taken after a juicy conversation with Jim Alabiso....


Our conversation today started about the food we are bringing to the taping and wove itself to life and the faces I show. The strong creative resilient woman. The tender hearted philanthropist, the bold face social change agent. The nutty spur of the moment fun lover. The scared girl who just want to prove her worth. 


We spoke of purpose, intention, vision. The power of the present moment. A provocative conversation, that fueled me for a conversation with one of the young people I support. 


I step from the confidence of Jim to the self doubt of a young man working to find himself amidst poverty of pocket and pride. 


The juxtaposition of energy was palpable. My own emotions swirling as I sat with this incredible young man who just needs someone to believe in him long enough for him to believe in himself. 


Striking poses to stand within who we are, who we want to believe we are. Blessed to live a life that fuels this thinking in service to creating a more loving community.


Florence Haridan June 30, 2015, by permission.


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By Fran Ruchalski
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